Solar Heat Harvesting

Harvesting the free solar heated air in your attic or conservatory to heat your home instead of using your current heating system, is 10 to 50 times better for you, your wallet, and for our planet.

Our Solar Heat Harvester system:
    Efficiency is 10 to 50+ times greater than all other systems, the heat produced costs 10 to 50+ less.
    2017 annual electricity costs were £3 to £10
    Does not require you to make a large initial investment
    Gives some protection from energy price rises, if electricity costs double SHH cost will double to £6 to £20
    Minimizes fossil fuel use - uses far less electricity than all other heating systems (they all use electricity), and far far less than fossil fuelled heating systems
    Is totally automatic requiring no human intervention
    Is simple, reliable and uncomplicated
    Annual maintenance and servicing costs are almost always £0
    Uses free solar energy
    Has a very long lifespan
    Increases your conventional heating system life, which is used less
    Continually monitors and saves displayable system performance
    Is easy and inexpensive to install, components cost a few £100's
    Lets you optimise performance by changing controller parameters

In the south of the UK our solar heat harvester systems supply most solar heating in the spring and autumn, in the north it is provided in late spring, summer, and early autumn.

Solar Heat Harvester Payback Time

The payback time of Solar and Conservatory Heat Harvester systems is shorter than all other heating systems because the investment required is a small and the heat produced is extremely cheap.

The biggest factor in solar heat harvester system payback time is the cost that you are currently paying for each unit of heat i.e. per kWh. The following chart, based on data provided by, shows the UK 2017 average heat cost per kWh of common UK home heating systems, the operating cost of Attic Heat (AHH) and Conservatory Heat Harvester (CHH) systems is included.

relative home heating and space heating costs

The other main factor impacting the payback time is the amount of heat provided by the Solar Heat Harvester Systems, the more heat it supplies the shorter the payback time will be.

The average heat provided by Solar Heat harvester systems in 2017 was 1,000kWh. The homes used during the product development process had considerable disadvantages that reduced the solar heat transferred and the efficiency achieved. In the Balerno, Edinburgh home the solar heated attic air had to be ducted down 3 stories via a tortuous route which reduced the air flow and hence system efficiency achieved by some 2.5 times.

The Mullion home the conservatory roof was formed using triple cavity polycarbonate sheet which reduced the heat transmitted into the conservatory. Product research and development continues to increase both the heat transferred and the efficiency, the heat transferred from 1st January 2018 to 31 March in the Mullion home was increased by almost 30%.

The following chart shows the annual savings gained for the most common UK home heating systems for three different amounts of annual Solar Heat energy provided, 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000kWh.

AHH annual cost savings, increased heating system efficiency means shorter payback time

The Attic Heat Harvester parts required to fit a system to your home typically cost from £500 to £700, the installation process is quite simple and straightforward, fitting instructions are supplied.

Attic and Conservatory Heat Harvester systems are very reliable and generally no annual maintenance is required.